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Target Elysian 5 90%

Target Elysian 5 90% Tungsten LIMITED EDITION
Fabrikant: Target Darts
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Artikelnummer:: TAR.D.122605
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Target Elysian 5 90% Tungsten LIMITED EDITION

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24g 51.0 mm 7.35 mm 122605



It takes over an hour to turn each billet of tungsten into an Elysian 5 barrel. During that time, the tool works constantly along the whole length to gradually reveal the intricate precise grip


The front features Sensus grip, which uses precision climb milling bio-mimicking the delicate petiole bases that form the trunk of a palm tree. Formed in one continuous CNC machine sweep taking an hour, it is then coated with Rose Gold PVD Titanium Nitride, and finished in a CNC lathe.


The rear section of the barrel incorporates 78 integrated geometric rhomboid elements, machined to form an intricate textured mild grip pattern. It is coated with black PVD Titanium Nitride for increased barrel protection and enhanced grip.


The steel tip is equipped with a black Elysian Storm Point, whilst the soft tip comes with a black Pixel tip. Finished with Elysian 5 Rose Gold Titanium Carbon shafts and Pro Ultra flights themed to compliment the Elysian 5 design motif.


  • 1 x Elysian 5 Etched Aluminium Panel
  • 3 x Elysian 24g Steel Tip Barrel
  • 3 x Short Rose Gold Titanium Elysian Shaft
  • 3 x Intermedium Rose Gold Titanium Elysian Shaft
  • 3 x Medium Rose Gold Titanium Elysian Shaft
  • 3 x Elysian 5 No.6 Flight
  • 3 x Elysian 5 No.2 Flight
  • 3 x Elysian 5 Kite Flight
  • 3 x Elysian 5 Ten X Flight
  • 3 x Elysian Flight Protector
  • 1 x Black Elysian Wallet
  • 1 x Elysian Brochure
  • 3 x Storm 30mm Smooth Black Points
  • 1 x Elysian Badge
Product specificaties
Dartgewicht 24 Gr
Dartmateriaal 90% Tungsten
Kleur Zilver-Multi
Dart Barrel Lengte 50-54 mm
Dart Barrel Diameter 7,0-7,5 mm
Dartkeuze Steeltip